Hardcore Hardware

Our mission is to create keyboards that are simple, elegant, hardcore and highly functional! We build keyboards to make life easier and now we are releasing the designs for everyone else to enjoy. Follow us on GitHub!

Meet the Insane MacroPad

The Insane MacroPad is a modular Sixteen key keyboard that can be configured with Fourteen MX Switches and Two Digital Encoders or Sixteen MX Switches.


Choose to build your MacroPad with 2 Digital Encoders which can be used as Volume Dials, Media Controllers or any other function you want in addition to also functioning as a clickable key or choose to have all 16 keys as your favorite clickable switch!

Open Source

The Insane MacroPad is built using QMK Firmware which makes it highly customizable and 100% open source! Don't like the pre-set key layouts? Then make your own!

Easy to Build

Order your MacroPad pre-assembled or buy the kit and build it yourself! The board is designed to be highly flexible and simple to build for all users to enjoy!

Here is our team


Michael Hammons
Lead Designer

Michael is a tinkerer by nature and enjoys hardware hacking. The Insane MacroPad was born from his desire to have a small but efficient Macro Keyboard to use in his daily work.


Billy Bryant
Hardware Engineer

Billy is a tinkerer and has a knack for design. His love for electronics keeps him engaged and helps fuel his creativity. He even built this website ;)

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